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“Here come the showers, soon we’ll have flowers.”

There is an array of ways that Spring Song can be used as a fun instructional tool for grades K-4.

One example is a cross-curriculum project involving flowers. This would be an ongoing project, taking place over a week or so, one that cuts across several school subjects, from art to science to writing.

Teachers can incorporate this lesson into their daily schedule by connecting and integrating:

  1. The assembly of the flower book (art)
  2. The research of the flowers, using source materials and the Internet (science/research)
  3. The writing of their descriptions (language arts/writing)

Interactive Flower Lesson Plan for Grades 1-3

  • Have the children bring in several small flowers.
  • Have the students try to identify the names of their flowers at home or at school, using guidebooks and source books with illustrations of flowers..
  • Put the flower into a book to flatten and let them dry for a week or so.
  • The students could then write a description of their flower or tell the story of how they found their flower.
  • After the students’ papers are ready to publish, they could be given the materials to make the art illustration for their writing.
  • The flower could then be used as part of the illustration.
  • Contact paper could be used to attach the flower to the finished artwork.


  • White drawing paper
  • Colors, colored pencils or pens
  • Contact paper
  • Lined paper
  • Wildflowers
  • Book


“The illustrations really got my attention. I did two lessons with the song ‘Warm Summer Night’ for second grade and the children really enjoyed it. I also read it to a group of 4-5 year olds and they had so much fun looking for the crow on each of the pages! And they loved the song ‘Picking Berries’. I’ll definitely continue to work with this book next year.”
-Reina Rivas, teacher, Music for Minors, Hayward, CA