Teachers, illustrator combine talents to create new children’s book, CD
- Montclarion

“…The words are clever, original, and evoke the feeling of being in each season, as do the bright and colorful illustrations…the songs are beautifully produced by Peter Elman in a variety of musical styles, and they can be addictive: perfect for sing-alongs in the car, classroom, or playroom…the poetry is fresh and evocative as it zeroes in on how it feels and what you do on a day in fall, summer…Educational value A+ Positive messages­5 stars!
- Regan McMahon, Common Sense Media

“I am a sixth grade teacher and read this collection of poems over the course of my poetry unit this past spring. My students loved the imagery, flavor and tangibility of each poem. The bonuses are the beautiful, vibrant painted illustrations and the CD that accompany this book. The poetic prose, vivid art, and accompanying CD provide an full sensory experience for adults and children!”
Tanicia Peairs , 6th grade teacher, Albany (CA) Middle School

“…Everything about this project is done with care, skill and creativity–from the music, poetry and stunning illustrations to the chillin’ crow who takes us through the magic of each season…this as my go-to gift for baby showers and birthday parties…five stars!”
- Laura Soble, Expressive Arts Therapy Specialist

“…The best children’s book of the year! Stunning, glorious watercolors by Sara Kahn…buy it, jump in the car, and put the kids in the back with the book and fire up the CD. Then head off to the mountains and enjoy the ride!
- Virginia Housh

“I absolutely love this CD! And the book is great, too! As the book and music buyer for Rockridge Kids, I listen to and read more than my fair share of kids music and books. The field is enormous, with new players entering all the time but rarely do they catch my attention as Seasons has. I started by reading the book. Each page is a glorious color world of its own. Nature in the forms of leaves, trees, flowers, grasses and animals abounds. The text takes us on a journey through the year and its seasons in lyric poems. Kids reading along on laps or the story time circle will be delighted to search for a our friend the little black crow as it appears on every page. I really fell in love, though, when I popped the CD into the player in my car. Every single song is a lovable singable song! Almost immediately I was singing along with the chorus to the first two tracks. I knew this CD was a winner when I picked up my niece and nephew, ages 8 and 10. Two minutes after they were buckled in, my niece called from the back seat, “Can you turn this up?” By the time we got to kung fu, both kids were singing along to “Picking Berries” and declared it their favorite.  Two days later my nephew switched his allegiance  to the slower and more somber “Lady Winter.” He even picked up on the hidden lyrical meaning of the last line, explaining to me that the “tear in her eye” meant the snow was melting and spring was on its way. Wow! This CD has quickly become my go to pick for singing aloud while alone  in the car. It is the most requested favorite of kids riding in my car. Bay Area folks can take pride in supporting local artists, writers and musicians with this purchase. Parents can be assured that this is music that your kids will love and will not become annoying, no matter how many times you comply with the back seat cries of “Again! Again!”
- Aminta Steinbach, Book and Music Buyer, Rockridge Kids 

“Did someone say this is for CHILDREN? The songs are so good, and the book is so beautifully illustrated that I can enjoy it without any children in the house!  Michael DeWall’s wonderful singing is backed up by a tasty band with terrific vocal harmonies, and horn lines popping up from time to time. This is VERY GOOD music!

A far cry from many children’s songs, which are bland, boring, and predictable. I must give a special shout-out to Peter Elman, who recorded and arranged these songs, and to Sara Kahn, for her splendid colorful illustrations. I highly recommend this for preschool and classroom teachers, children’s events, and for everyone with ears or eyes. This CD/book combo is so beautifully put together that my own grown-up musician ears and eyes are very happy. The arrangements are lovely & well-crafted, and the lyrics are universal. Some songs have a light-hearted Latin/pop flavor.

Changes is the 1st song on this superb collection, and a delightful promise of the rest of the CD. Lady Winter features the flute, with tasty background harmonies, and Michael’s appealing lead vocal. Pickin’ Berries opens with the sounds of giggling kids, has a country-ish sound, a distinctive syncopated melody, and a humorous point of view – with goofy kazoo and funny side comments reminding me of some of Sesame Street’s songs with puppets and Muppets. Warm Summer Night is simply lovely, with terrific background harmonies. The song ends poetically: That’s when night and moonlight become friends. On a warm summer night.

George Bernard Shaw famously commented “Youth is such a wonderful thing; what a shame to waste it on the young!” That’s how I feel about this gorgeous book/CD set: a rare thing of beauty – musically and visually. Kids will enjoy it and the rest of us will too. Great for everyone who appreciates beauty, stories about nature, creatively wrapped up in a colorful package. (Children’s stores might be advised to play this to lure parents and kids inside!)”
–Ellen Hoffman, director, Berkeley Broadway Singers