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Schools are a great avenue for this cross-curriculum book, which contains lessons in language, poetry, music, art and science. Seasons, Rhymes in Time delivers beautiful watercolor art, nine original song-poems about nature, and a toe-tapping CD with accompanying sheet music.

We are both musicians and former teachers in the Albany district and do author presentations at elementary schools all over the Bay Area. When we perform, we have 2-5 classes at a time come in. The show is 30 minutes long; in it we sing a couple of songs the kids all know, original songs from the book about each of the seasons, have our cute little stuffed crow Crawford tell a few jokes, talk to the students about music, and interact with the kids. We can provide our own sound system.

It’s a lot of fun for everybody, and to see the joy in the kids’ faces when they get to sing along, ask and answer questions, and laugh at our little crow is priceless.

At our school-sponsored author events, students may pre-order the book from their teachers, usually a couple of weeks in advance. If you’re comfortable with that, we offer Seasons at a 20% educational discount, which comes out to $15/book, tax included. We always stick around and custom-sign copies for each student who gets a book.

Our usual fee for an assembly is $450, which is negotiable if the students do pre-order books. In addition, prior to the assembly, we will provide several complimentary copies to teachers, as well as brochures with lesson plan ideas, so that their students can get familiar with the book and the songs.

For bookings and information, please contact:

Chillin’ Crow Books
c/o Pete Elman


“We had received the Seasons book as a gift, and enjoyed it so much that we wanted to share it. Lucky for us that the musicians live right around the corner here in the Bay Area! We invited Pete & Michael to perform for our kindergarten and 1st grade kids at Mira Vista School. The kids had a great time and loved the songs! The performance was a good mix of listening to songs and being able to sing along, kids talking about their experiences with the seasons and listening to Crawford the Crow’s jokes & stories.”
- Silke Brendel-Evan, Mira Vista School, Richmond, CA

“Absolutely wonderful! Pete and Michael kept 60 kindergartners entertained and tapping their toes for over a half hour. This interactive show quickly built a rapport between the kids, the song writers, and their crow puppet that appears throughout the pages of Seasons. Recently, teachers invited for an author talk requested an encore performance by Pete and Michael for their new students. After the event and waiting in line to get their books signed, two little girls couldn’t help but belt out the lyrics from the song ‘I Love Fall.’ A fantastic event!”
-Sherry Ghanbari, Read Booksellers, Danville, CA